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  • Universitätsklinikum Freiburg -Freiburger Zentrum für Frauen mit Genitalbeschneidung (FZG)

Coordinating office of the one-stop shop in Göppingen

Sompon Socialservices BW e.V.

For 13 years, Sompon Socialservices BW e. V. has been carrying out social work critical of racism, educational work, migration work, development policy work as well as engagement and networking work.

As a central contact point for women and girls threatened by and affected by FGM/C in Baden-Württemberg, Sompon Socialservices BW e.V. is responsible for coordinating and communicating the various services on the topic of FGM/C and providing knowledge and information.

In addition, protected spaces (Safer Spaces) are created in which those affected and threatened can exchange information with the help of experts with similar backgrounds. The aim of Safer Spaces is to empower those affected by FGM/C. Through the training programme for community leaders "No to FGM", we were able to reach 10 pastors and imams as multipliers. They took on the responsibility of educating their respective communities about the dangers of FGM/C. The Sompon team is made up of qualified and experienced community leaders. The Sompon team consists of qualified staff who speak more than four languages. French, English, Somali, Edo and German if required.

Sompon Socialservices BW e.V. is a member of the Afro Social Workers Forum Germany, a network of more than 25 social workers of African origin who work on the issue of FGM/C. Sompon Socialservices BW is a member of the Afro Social Workers Forum Germany.

As a racism-critical and intercultural institution, Sompon Socialservices BW e.V. uses special methods, such as trust through language, cultural background - understanding from the respective cultural circles. The socio-educational professionals have a similar intercultural background, which enables them to recognise the problem quickly or to intervene quickly and to determine the exact needs of the women.

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Fraueninformationszentrum - FiZ IM VIJ e.V.

The Women's Information Centre FiZ (Fraueninformationszentrum) is a counselling centre within the VIJ e.V. (Württemberg), which has been counselling migrant women for 35 years. VIJ e.V. has been campaigning against exploitation of and violence against women and girls for 140 years. Since 2015, the target group of FiZ has also explicitly included refugee women with women-specific reasons for fleeing, such as FGM/C, forced marriage or human trafficking.

In addition, FiZ provides individual psychosocial counselling for women affected by FGM/C, including case management and asylum procedure counselling, and supports the asylum procedure with statements for the BAMF and administrative courts. In the work with women's groups (e.g. African Women Group, group of multipliers - formerly affected women who are trained for and support their peer groups), the issue of FGM/C has been and continues to be addressed from different perspectives. In addition, the counsellors provide training for colleagues and participate in specialist days and events.

The work at FiZ is carried out by qualified professionals, usually social workers or psychologists, with a high level of intercultural competence in the language of the clients (if necessary, with language and cultural mediators). Counselling is free of charge and confidential, anonymous if desired. The counsellors at FiZ work in networks with various specialised agencies, other counselling centres, authorities, clinics or doctors, therapists and many more.

Psychosocial counselling and case management
Counselling on asylum procedures
Support and accompaniment in the asylum procedure (preparation for hearings, court hearings, obtaining gynaecological certificates)
Conception and implementation of trainings, expert days, advanced trainings for other counselling centres
Public relations and awareness-raising work, e.g. through lectures

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wildwasser Stuttgart e.V.

Wildwasser Stuttgart e.V. is a specialised counselling centre for women who have experienced sexualised violence in childhood and adolescence. Female circumcision (FGM/C) is a form of sexualised violence. Wildwasser Stuttgart e.V. already has a wide range of expertise in counselling women who have been affected by FGM/C. However, women have not yet sought counselling at the centre. However, up to now women have not come to the counselling centre exclusively because of FGM/C. In trauma therapy stabilisation, FGM/C is usually only discussed in connection with other forms of sexualised violence suffered in childhood and adolescence. This could change if those affected are made aware of the special help available locally.

As diverse as the experiences and injuries of those affected are, as diverse are the needs for support. The psychological consequences of circumcision vary according to individual experience and personal processing.

For many of those affected, the subject is very shameful and a sensitive approach is needed that respects the boundaries of the woman and her right to self-determination. Circumcision in childhood often has an impact on sexual life in adulthood. If necessary, this can also be made an issue in counselling/therapy.

Therapeutic support is often only desired when existential issues such as housing, finances and residence rights have been clarified. This means that only when "external security" has been established can work be done on "internal security". In some countries of origin, the term "therapy" can have negative connotations and be tainted with mistrust, fears and prejudices. For many of those affected, the term "counselling" is therefore more appropriate.

Counselling can take place in English or a language mediator can be consulted if the woman's knowledge of German or English is not sufficient for a conversation.

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Beratungsstelle YASEMIN

YASEMIN is the mobile counselling centre that has been working on violence in the name of "honour" in Baden-Württemberg since 2007. The focus is on child and youth welfare. The supporting organisation is the Evangelische Gesellschaft Stuttgart e.V.

YASEMIN counsels and accompanies girls and young women with migration biographies between the ages of 12 and 27 who have difficulties with their family, relatives and social environment, who find themselves in conflict situations whose cause lies in the context of a traditionally oriented and patriarchally structured family system, who are threatened by or have been forced into marriage or experience other forms of violence in the name of "honour". Female circumcision/genital mutilation (FGM/C) can be a form of violence in the name of "honour".

In addition to counselling affected girls* and women*, advice is also given to trusted third parties, such as teaching staff, school social workers, social specialists, employees of the authorities as well as friends to whom affected persons have confided in regarding their life situation.

The YASEMIN counselling centre (Beratungstelle Yasemin) offers prevention and information events throughout Baden-Württemberg: For pupils from the 7th grade and trainees as well as professional groups such as school social workers, teaching staff, employees of public authorities or other social professionals.

The aim is to inform and raise awareness about violence in the name of "honour" as well as forced marriage and female circumcision / genital mutilation.

The YASEMIN counselling centre (Beratungstelle Yasemin) is networked communally and nationwide.

The project is financed by the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Integration from state funds approved by the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg.

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Universitätsklinikum Freiburg - Freiburger Zentrum für Frauen mit Genitalbeschneidung (FZG)

An FGM consultation hour has existed at the University Women's Hospital Freiburg since 2019, with patient numbers increasing every year. The FZG - Freiburg Centre for Women with FGM covers the following areas:

Medical care for affected women and girls with FGM: counselling, assessments/attestations for BAMF or court proceedings, pregnancy counselling and birth planning for FGM, counselling and implementation of surgical therapy procedures: Opening (defibulation) and reconstruction.
Interdisciplinary networking with the paediatric clinic: child protection centre (KiZ), early help, counselling and prevention of FGM. Networking with the Department of Psychiatry, women's consultation hours for special psychiatric issues in connection with FGM and/or traumatisation through gender-based violence. Networking with local and regional psychosocial counselling centres.
Training and further education: Regular offers for specialist staff such as further education on FGM, establishment in student teaching of medical students and midwives.
Research: Systematic recording of patients, establishment of evaluation methods for surgical therapy, survey of the state of knowledge and training needs of medical staff, establishment of an FGM register.
Consultation hours Mondays 12-16h, and by appointment

Medical director of the centre: Maryam En-Nosse, MD and Isabel Runge, MD
Consultation assistance and coordination: Anne-Catherine Girondin and Schaffert

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