With interdisciplinary cooperation in the form of a supra-regional and central contact point, existing services and experiences can be bundled and expanded, expertise can be gathered and networking can be strengthened. In this way, the diverse needs of those affected and communities in the context of female genital mutilation can be reflected.

Through interdisciplinary and inter-organisational cooperation, the network and access to the communities can also be expanded and the information of the offer can be widely disseminated.

The aim is to model a supra-regional, central contact point in Baden-Württemberg for women and girls who are affected by and threatened with FGM/C.
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List of participating organisations and responsibilities

Project period
01.01.2023 - 31.12.2024

Here you will find an list of the participating institutions and partner organisations as well as their respective responsibilities and services.

Further information on the organisations can be found on the summary page.

1. Project coordination and networking

Sompon Socialservices BW e.V.
Establishing the central contact point and the networking structures Coordination of the support services offered by the various organisations involvedNetworking & Community Work

2. Beratung

Fraueninformationszentrum FIZ im VIJ
Consultation for threatened and affected girls and women and trusted third parties:on questions of asylum law and on the subject of residence Awareness-raising / public relations work
wildwasser Stuttgart e.V:
Consulting for women from the age of 18:Psychosocial and Psychological-TherapeuticSensitisation / public relations work
Beratungstelle YASEMIN
Focus: Child and youth welfare Consultation of girls and women, professionals and trusted third partiesPrevention and information eventsSensitisation / public relations work

3. Medical consultation and care

Freiburger Zentrum für Frauen mit Genitalbeschneidung
Medical consultation of affected persons and persons at risk, incl. expert opinions Medical care for affected persons (operations such as opening and reconstruction), in particular also during pregnancy and childbirthFurther training for specialised staff Statistical recording in the field of medical care Sensitisation / public relations work

4. Further training for professionals